NATIONAL HOT CHOCOLATE DAY! 3 products including KETO!

It couldn’t be a better day to be National Hot Chocolate Day in the US! I woke up this morning to 3 degrees, and I know that’s a heat wave compared to some other areas this week!

That warm feeling your body is engulfed in when you take a long draw of that sweet hot cocoa during winter. That warm feeling is indescribable, comforting, and just a treat in itself.

We are offering THREE special release products, available ONLY today for National Hot Chocolate Day!

  1. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate: A milk chocolate mix with  notes of deep rich caramel and savory salt for a perfect salted caramel hot chocolate mix. Packaged in a scoop-able jar, makes enough for 10-12 servings. SPECIAL BONUS! Complete with a bonus pack of natural gourmet big puffy gourmet marshmallows! $14.95
  2. Gourmet White Hot Chocolate: Rich, sweet and creamy, this decadent white hot chocolate is perfect treat all year long. You’ll even find small bits, flakes and morsels of real white chocolate throughout! Packaged in a scoop-able jar, makes enough for 10-12 servings. Just add hot milk, cream or water to 1 1/2 -3 tablespoons mix. And for a little pick me up, add a splash of run to this mix for a decadent adulting drink! SPECIAL BONUS! Complete with a bonus pack of natural gourmet big puffy gourmet marshmallows! $14.95
  3. KETO Hot Chocolate!  *sugar free, gluten free, low carb, KETO compliant.

What is it about the winter months that automatically gets us craving comfort foods – especially a big ole mug of low carb hot cocoa. Yum! We know, for most of us, low carb foods aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of comfort foods, but trust us! …Just because you’re losing all that sugar and some carbs doesn’t mean you have to lose the flavor – or any of your winter cheer for that matter! And this low carb hot chocolate mix will satisfy all your cold day cravings!

Our KETO hot cocoa mix is made with real cream, real butter, 100% cocoa, monk fruit, erythritol and avocado oil powder.  One serving contains 2g of net carbs and is quite delicious! Just add almond milk or a mix of almond milk and heavy cream along with 1-2 tablespoons of our mix for a decadent ketolicious drink. Packaged in a scoop-able jar, enough to serve 8-12 mugs of hot chocolate. $24.95



All the details on the January 12 Week Keto Shred!

We all may be in the midst of indulging now, with all the holiday parties and running around shopping and decorating, but in a few weeks, everyone will wonder how to get rid of all the extra pounds that have accumulated since summer (and in my case all year long!)  I am joining the 12 Week Keto Shred and am taking reservations now – this program WILL CLOSE OUT so we want to make sure you get your spot!

Here are all the details about the 12 Week (PLUS PLUS!) Keto Shred Program. Click the link at the end of this post to order. You have three payment options to choose from!

Dates Available to Join : Dec 10th – Dec 26th
Program Includes:

  • Full product Kit valued at over $800 that includes product kit, sample set of 0 Sugar Premium protein powders from our Crave it Line, ketone strip testers for each week and our two-part cleanse and detox program featuring exogenous ketones
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Weekly Meal Plan & Shopping List
  • Customized and tailored meal changes for members if needed
  • Fitness – Videos, workout plans, work from home routines and more
  • Weekly Success Check-ins
  • Weekly Videos answering some of our most common member questions
  • Access to KETO Shred ONLY products through the program as well as SPECIAL products just available to members
  • Access to special member only discount events
  • Receive a discount on all our 2019 KETO Shred Events (our Summer 6 Week Shred starting May 6th 2019 and our Fall 6 Week Shred starting Sept 9th 2019
  • Includes full 12 weeks of Shred + 4 weeks of Jenn Aube’s Stop’n’Go Diet Out Program to prevent post diet weight gain. Jenn is the owner of Do You Bake/Crave It.

OK so you know what’s in the kit (and what a kit it is) and you know what the program will include, so we’ll all be in this together and you’ll have the support you need to help you through, but how about I tell you a little more about the benefits of doing KETO.

And who is going to support us during the program?  Jenn and Matt of Do You Bake and Crave It!

Pricing and Ordering:

Price : $500 / person

1 Payment: $500
3-month installment plan : $175/month for 3 months
4-month installment plan : $140/month for 4 months

We will go live tomorrow with signup, but PLEASE let us know if you are interested in the program. One lucky reader who decides to join the program and sends me an email or private messages our Facebook page ( between today and Christmas Day will get a $50 rebate from ME, chosen randomly from my customers who join and chosen by



12 Days of Holiday Baking! Day 1 Cinnamon Rolls! #gourmet or #keto

TODAY AND TODAY ONLY! Pick from one of our Two cinnamon Roll Mixes!

KETO Style 
Great for anyone following a Gluten Free, KETO, low sugar or low carb diet~ (brought back by massive special request from our black Friday Bash. =) )

Price : $19.95

Home-style Gourmet
Our signature Cinnamon Rolls Set packaged with our sweet rolls mix, cinnamon filling and of course cream cheese frosting mix too!

Makes a full 9×13 panful of total over the top gooey ooey cinnamon roll delish!

Price : $10.95. Order here.

November’s Freezer Meal Collection – 7 Meals, Mexican Theme!

Last month I shared the October Freezer Meal Collection for chicken lovers (which is now unavailable as the month has ended). I spent a rainy Saturday afternoon – let me rephrase that – I spent about an hour and a half TOTAL on a rainy Saturday afternoon prepping for 6 meals, which I froze. I didn’t prep the oven one as I will make that one day when I am not working. My husband has been popping the contents of each frozen bag in the slow cooker in the morning, and we’ve had homemade, healthy meals in the midst of football practice, softball practice, religion, meetings and my crazy work schedule. YES! Not once in the last few weeks have we ordered out or grabbed fast food and all of our meals were DELICIOUS!

Check out the November Freezer Meal Collection:

Inspired by Mexican flavors! An easy to prep freezer meal that combines the best of beef, chicken and vegetarian dish options all rolled into easy to prep savory dishes that combine sweet, heat and a little spice.

Even better? these are no fuss dinners! They all can be made in the slow cooker the day of cooking!

Our collection this month features the following meals:
Easy Beef Burritos
Chicken & Black Bean Chili
Southwest Chicken Chili
Tex Mex Chicken
Mexican Beef Stuffed Peppers
Mexican Bubble Pizza
Mexican Beef, Rice n Bean Bake

BONUS: Order this collection on or before November 10th and receive our Sweet Southern Style Skillet Cornbread Mix for FREE (Valued at $9.95)

7 meals (just pick up a few grocery items, most of which you already have in your kitchen), each feeding 4-6 for $74.95! WOW!

No-Bake Caramel Apple Cheesecake NOVEMBER SALE!

Now this takes the cake! The November Customer Special is this No-Bake Caramel Apple Cheesecake and it is perfect for fall! Easy to make, great for potlucks and a DEFINITE for Thanksgiving!

Regularly $10.95, spend $40 and get 40% off: November Customer Special Price : $6.49

Easy ingredients and no baking are what it takes to make this delicious caramel apple cheesecake. Make a sweet treat to please everyone in a matter of minutes!

Our mix features real apples, notes of creamy caramel, a touch of sweet and a dash of fall spice.

Just add whipped topping, cream cheese and pour into your favorite pie crust.

Turn this into individual servings and layer in glasses for pretty presentation, make as a pie or whip up as cheesecake squares.

A crowd pleasing dessert that takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. 

Reg : $10.95, November Customer Special Price : $6.49

Caramel and Candy Apple Kit – Kids November Special!

Just because Halloween is over does not meal you can’t still do fun fall things with the kids! Do You Bake’s November Kids Club Special is the Caramel and Candy Apple Kit!  Get Apple-lovin’ this November and make your own caramel and candy apples with the kiddos!

We provide :

The Caramel Mix
The Red Candy Apple Mix, naturally colored of course!
Wooden Dowels
Tons of FUN toppings to create your own dippin’ good time!
An easy to follow instruction sheet

Enough to make anywhere from 12 – 20 candy and caramel apples (depending on their size, of course) and the fun definitely begins when you decide on all the delicious dippin’ good toppings and swirls!

A FUN Fall inspired Project!

Value : $35
Move Over November Price : $25


Our October’s Kid’s Club kit is a perfect project to get kids in the kitchen making dinner! Our kids kit this month features a SPOOKY Dinner project and is packaged with everything you and your kiddos need to make your very own SPOOKY Stuffed-Pepper Monsters in both Jack-O-Lantern AND Zombie-Brain Style.

Our Kids club kit is packaged with all the following spooky components to make your perfect Spooky kids-approved dinner

#1 : Do You Bake? Sloppy Joes Mix

A delicious and easy skillet meal that the kids can get involved in making! Super simple box mix only needing a few fresh ingredients like ground beef.

The kids will make their zombie stuffed peppers, halloween style using our skillets up mix.  Not only a delicious kid approved and top selling meal with Do You Bake? but also a ton of fun and hey! we’re gettin’ in the nutrition too .. because the kiddos are stuffin’ peppers for a little extra veggie goodness!

#2 : Special Package of Spaghetti

Brain’s Up! Let’s get a little brain action going! Our kit includes a package of dry spaghetti for your spooky brainy project.  mmm… are you ready to slurp up some brains with the kiddos?

#3 : Spooky Black Rice Package

Make a few spooky brain style stuffed peppers with our spooky black rice. Carve it and stuff it .. not only fun but healthy too! Yippee for moms n dads and yummy spooky fun for the kiddos!

#4 : Bell Pepper Carving Tools

Our tools can be used for your pumpkin carving fun too!

#5 : Monster Bell Pepper Stencil Sheet and Instruction guide!

Want to get those ghoulishly delicious .. yummy…. spooky faces just perfect? We’ve got all the template fun and instructions available right inside this kit for you! Make your ghoulishly delicious meal with all our step by step instructions

Our kit makes lots of delicious monster varieties.  Makes enough for 8 – 10 peppers and these fun monster style meals can be frozen once made and pulled out for fun dinners by kiddo request when the “whats for dinner” dilemma bites!

FOODIES! Sweets, Healthy, Without Chemicals!

One Word that describes us best? YUMMY! Yummy sweet, yummy savories, yummy gluten free, yummy keto. Yes! YUMMY!  We have over 120 options to choose from.

Yes! I am a “Do You Bake?” and “Crave It” Ambassador!
I am part of a team of FOODIES! We LOVE food, REAL food without chemicals!

We love to share recipes, kitchen & baking hacks and tons of tips n tricks, garden eats, nutrition and more.

Do You Bake?” offers over 250 products that range from Seasoning blends to meal kits, freezer meals .. kids clubs! and of course lots of desserts!

Looking for healthy? “Crave It” offers over 30 products packed with protein & super foods, from protein powder to energy bars, from protein muffin mixes to bone broth!


Host a party and earn great products! Shoot me an email and let’s talk!

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