Free Shipping this October – S’Mores Brownies!

Only available in October!  Add this to your order and get THE ENTIRE ORDER SHIPPED FREE!  Triple Layered Fudge S’mores Brownies!

A HUGE set! …. featuring …. Dark chocolate fudgy brownie with a graham crumb bottom, a graham crumb top, toasted marshmallows layered and finished with chunks of chocolate

Our S’mores brownie set is a fully complete set!

We’ve include a fudgy brownie mix, graham bottom and topper mix, natural marshmallows for perfect gooey toasty fun and chunks of chocolate .. because s’mores isn’t s’mores without a little extra melty chocolate fun

Make as traditional brownies or fill cupcake liners for bite-size treats and bites

16- 18 servings

Order here!

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