Holy Cannoli!

Cannoli with a twist! In addition to the original cannoli, we have delicious flavors to capture every taste bud!

Some of our favorite specialty cannoli include Apple Pie, Pumpkin Spice, Cookie Dough, Cookies N Cream, Pistachio and Rainbow Cookie Cannoli.

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Crave It! Healthy Foods

Looking for healthy? Crave It offers over 30 products packed with protein & superfoods. From protein powder to energy bars. From protein muffin mixes to bone broth!

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Party Planning

Nevaland Party Planners has been hosting and planning parties for DECADES! For the last ten years, we have been bringing parties to YOU! We offer centerpieces, sweets tables, favors, personalized apparel and other favor items, custom chocolates, cakes and so much more!

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We offer so many products and will work with you on your ideas, that it is hard to list everything on our site!

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Do You Bake?

We have great products, yummy products without chemicals, for you to purchase to cook for your family with ease! We offer freezer meals, slow cooker meals and so much more!

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Java Momma

"Armed with an arsenal of organic and fair trade options of coffee as well as tea and cocoa, we are fueling the opportunity to percolate your own dreams. Java Momma is brewing a strong community one sip at a time."

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Have you ever heard of Rainbow Cookie Cannoli?

Yep. Neither did we. But we just KNEW we had to try it. And so do you! Order a Rainbow Cookie Chips & Dip Platter, or order Rainbow Cookie Full Size Cannoli!

Do You Bake's October Meal Set

A perfect meal time pairing for October. Fall is definitely upon us. The leaves are falling, the air is becoming cooler. All things comfort food are here!
This month we have paired a chicken pot pie mix for dinner and our delicious fall inspired apple cider donuts for dessert
Chicken Pot Pie Mix : Includes a double crust mix. Flakey, buttery crust couldn't be easier with our mix in hand. Simply add an egg, vinegar and butter and follow the directions. Roll out and be prepared for flakey buttery goodness. Our mix also features a delicious chicken pot pie filling gravy mix. An easy chicken pot pie filling made stovetop.
Our pot pie can be made the day of or frozen for later. Seriously one of the best comfort foods for fall!
Only available as part of our October Meal Set
Apple Cider Donuts Mix : Baked, not fried! The ultimate autumn donut. A fluffy lightly spiced baked cake donut boasting apple flavor. Nothing quite says fall like this dessert!
Entire pairing only available throughout October

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